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Cape Southern Africa Arms & Ammunition Collectors Association

Category A

Fully Automatic Firearms
Described as “Prohibited” without rigous motivation and special storage requirements and arrangements for firing.

Category B

Semi-Automatic Firearms
Rifles, Carbines and Shotguns. Described as “Restricted” and also requiring strong motivation. Pistols of the self-loading type do not fall into this Category even though they are semi-automatic. Stringent storage requirements.

Category C

Manually operated Firearms
Rifles and Shotguns, including single-shots types, magazines-fed type (Rotary, Tubular or Box) plus pistols and revolvers. Percussion revolvers are expected to be licensed in this Category for Collectors.

Category D

Probationary – Associate members
A “Probation Category” for juniors and Members (subject to confirmation) with limited number of firearms.

Cape SAAACA Logo

A firearms  Private Collector is a rare and privileged status legally recognized by South African law. It goes without saying that you must meet certain stringent requirements to meet legal compliancy but the rewards are considerable – being able to collect the firearms specified in your “Field of Interest” motivation and meet and befriend other like-minded collectors at meetings and shoots.

The steps that must be taken to become a private collector are as follows:

Firstly, we carry out an informal interview to ensure that there is a understanding of the motivation of the prospective member and the responsibilities membership carries. These interviews are normally carried out in person but for applicants that are remotely situated, initial contact may be via telephone.

You must complete the application form and in doing so further demonstrate to the CapeSAAACA committee that you are a worthy candidate as a true collector and not someone who’s goal is purely to accumulate a limitless number of firearms.

Two character testimonials must be provided from professional persons, e.g. your doctor, attorney, of your employer that has known you for a few years.

The application should be accompanied by the appropriate fees,  a once off registration fee to cover administration and an annual subscription to cover the period January to December (or a pro-rata amount should the application be made part way through the calendar year.

Also, you must provide a certified copy of your ID and a clear, colour passport jpg.

Once this formality has been completed and you have been accepted into the organisation, you must set about creating at least one “Field of Interest” (FoI) that is intended by means of research and study to motivate your collection and demonstrate your bona fides as a serious and knowledgeable collector.

The FoI comprises a motivation document and a comprehensive schedule of firearms encompassed by that motivation. After reviewing and certification by the CapeSAAACA committee, it represents a legal document.

This is by far the most demanding task of becoming a collector. However, it is the most rewarding since it opens the door to you to collect the firearms of your choice (within the limits of the FoI). Examples and assistance are available to help with completing this document.

Another requirement is to acquire categorisation.  This by way of the “proficiency” system whereby you acquire a police Certificate of Competency for collectors, for those categories of firearm that you intend to collect, based on practical and theoretical training given by a SETA registered organisation,.

Please note that new members, for collection purposes, are limited to category C certification (manually operated rifles and shotguns but semi-auto pistols) for a probationary period of one year of active collecting before being considered for upgrading to the next category B.

A final stage is to apply, as a collector, for a firearm licence. The process is identical to that of a normal application with the exception it must be accompanied by a special motivation that takes the form of a “Certificate of Collectability” issued by CapeSAAACA. This document combines motivation (as established in the FoI) and confirms eligibility in respect of good standing with the organisation.

Note that by law, to confirm their good standing, CapeSAAACA is required to submit a “Good Standing” report to the CFR once a year on its active members, Collectors who are not in good standing will forfeit their licences. Good standing requires that members are paid up and participate in at least 4 organisation related and approved activities a year such as monthly meetings, range shoots, contribution to running of the organisation etc.

Membership at all levels entitles attendance at all meetings and other events where they can meet and learn from the experience of other members.

NAACCSA was established as a requirement of the Firearms Act to regulate the activities of the various firearm collector organisations throughout South Africa. CapeSAAACA subscribes to the rules and guidelines set by NAACCSA in terms of its governance and administration.

You will notice the elaborate care and extent with which the application attends to prospective member’s qualifying criteria.  This is in order to safeguard the Association’s integrity and good standing with the Authorities and Public at large on the mandate reflected by our association constitution and in terms of current Firearms legislation.